Please, note that the current documentation is not finished and not updated with the current source code of the project. There's an ongoing effort from myself to update the doc asap but it takes time. Thanks !

What is Speculare ?

Speculare is a set of tools that combined give you a detailed insight on your infrastructure health plus the possibility to set up alarms for various metrics and various degree of importance.

Why another one when Grafana, Prometheus and all already exists ?

I don't have a proper answer to that, at first Speculare was just a side project for me while learning Rust. But in the end it became bigger and bigger and now I feel confident that this can (or soon enough) be used for real monitoring.

Currently Speculare only ships with basics metrics analytics (CPU, RAM, disks, etc). However I've planned to add more source of metrics (nginx, postgres, etc) and even a mean for custom metrics exporter/importer.

Overall structure of the Open Source version

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